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PTFE Filling ProductsData Sheet: PTFE Filling Products Data Sheet

PTFE Filling Products

Filling PTFE Sheet

Filling PTFE sheet manufactured by molding with PTFE granular resin, corrosion-resistant liner, seal, lining and gasket, scrap, guide rail, dielectric material for different frequency, bridge bearing slide.

Filled PTFE Tube

Filling PTFE Tube is made by plunger extrusion of suspension polymerized PTFE resin, Lead insulating sleeve, corrosion-resistant PTFE tube, and corrosion-resistant insulating PTFE tube for different corrosive conditions, heat exchanger.

Filling PTFE Rod

Filling PTFE Rod has a wide range of practicable temperature from -180C~+260C and a wax-like surface to which anything hardly sticks. Filling PTFE Bar has the lowest coefficient of friction of all known solid materials. Filling PTFE Bar has the best electrical properties of all plastic.
PTFE has good performance such as heat or cold resistance, corrosion-resistance, non-adhesiveness, self-lubrication, good electricity and low friction coefficient.But its mechanical performance is not good in low abrasion and creep resistance, low hardness. Mechanical performance can be greatly improved and other good property of PTFE is maintained by adding to PTFE filling products which can stand PTFE sinter temperature. Fillers can be glass fiber, metal, metal oxide, grafit, carbon fiber.

PTFE Filling Glass Fiber

Virgin PTFE Filling Glass Fiber can increases compressible strength, rigidity and wear. It can reduce creep and cold flow and also can minimal effect on chemical and electrical properties

PTFE Filling Carbon

PTFE Filling Carbon will increases compressible strength, hardness, wear, and load properties. It will remain the good chemical resistance. Various types and amounts of carbon can be added to alter conductivity.

PTFE Filling Graphite

Virgin PTFE Filling Graphite will Reduces coefficient of friction. Filling products can reduces initial wear and Increases strength

PTFE Filling Molybdenum Di-sulfide

Virgin PTFE Filling Molybdenum di-sulfide can increases hardness, stiffness, and wear. Minimal effect on chemical and electrical properties.

Filling Bronze

Virgin PTFE Filling Bronze will increases hardness and wear resistance.
Increases dimensional stability and compressive strength.
Not suitable for corrosive or electrical applications.

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