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Skived PTFE Sheet

Goods Packing & Delivery Detail

Packaging Detail: WOODEN CASE
Delivery Detail: 10 DAYS

PTFE Sheet Instructions

100% Virgin Skived PTFE Sheet;1)quality:100% virgin 2)density:2.3g/cm3

PTFE skived plate is manufactured by molding method with PTFE granular resin. Skived PTFE Sheet.
PTFE is the most chemical resistance of all known plastics. It does not age, it has the lowest coefficient of friction of all known solid materials and a wide range of practicable temperature from -180*C ~+260*C.
Lining bearing pads, seals and,electrical insulation.PTFE Adhesive Tape

100% skived ptfe californiafalcovaná doskapacáil téipورق عایق الکتریکی 1 میلیمتر

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