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Pure Virgin Ptfe Sheets Teflon Sheets

Pure Virgin Ptfe Sheets Teflon Sheets COX Plastic only offer Virgin PTFE products. Double indemnity if containing recycled material.

FOB цена: НАС $ 1 – 20 / Square Meter
Min.Order Quantity: 1000 Килограмм / килограммы
Возможность поставки: 10000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Week
порт: shenzhen ,china
Условия оплаты: T / T,Вестерн Юнион,MoneyGram

Pure Virgin Ptfe Sheets Teflon Sheets Packing & Доставка

Упаковка подробности: export packing
Деталь поставки: it denpends on customers quantity

Pure Virgin Ptfe Sheets Teflon Sheets Short Details:

Место происхождения: Китай (Mainland) Имя бренда: COX Номер модели: TFL-1
материал: PTFE charcteristic: Thermoplastic

Pure Virgin Ptfe Sheets Teflon Sheets Specifications:
Chemical resistance, aging PTFE as a thermoplastic polymer of high crystallinity, the number of fluorine-containing plastic largest, most widely used varieties. The suspension PTFE resin obtained by molding can be made of sheet metal, turning film, pipe, can suppress push type.

PTFE plate is made of PTFE suspension resin molding process. Color is the true nature of milky white plastic known it has the best resistance to chemical corrosion, aging, and it has the best coefficient of friction in the known solid materials Features
PTFE molded sheet is manufactured by molding method with PTFE granular resin.
PTFE possesses the best chemical resistance of all known plastics. It does not age. It has the lowest coefficient of friction of all known solid materials and a wide range of practicable temperature from-200°C~+260°C.

Applications Tightness gasket, less wear resistant parts, insulating parts, anti-corrosive industry, textile, paper, ceramics, chemical industry, medical equipment, equipment, etc.. Mainly used for a variety of media, the gasket seal and the lubricating material, but also can be processed into the liner, the seal, model, bridge bearing slider, rails, electrically insulating parts.

ЦОГ Пластиковые – a manufacturers of PTFE sheet, PTFE adhesive tape, PTFE film, PTFE rod, PTFE cylinder, PTFE tube, PTFE gasket.

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