High Temperature PTFE Tube

High Temperature Teflon Sheet COX Plastic only offer Virgin PTFE products.
Double indemnity if containing recycled material.

FOB Price:  USD8.2/KG
Min.Order Quantity: 50 Meter/Meters ptfe tube
Supply Ability: 100000000 Meter/Meters per Day ptfe tube
Port: ShangHai China
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

High Temperature Teflon Sheet Packing & Delivery

Packaging Details: As your requirements for ptfe tube.
Delivery Detail: 1 to 2 weeks for ptfe tube.

High Temperature Teflon Sheet  High Temperature Teflon Sheet Specifications:
High temperature PTFE Sheet
1.Length: customized
2.Fast Delivery
3.Transparent High temperature ptfe tube
DescriptionHigh temperature ptfe tube, short for polytetrafluoroethylene tubing, is made of superior polytetrafluoroethylene resin through special extrusion and sintering process.
PTFE Tube highly electrical insulating, highly flame retardant, self-lubricating and highly resistant to super high temperature, chemical reagents and almost all oil chemicals. It finds extensive applications in automotive, war industry and aerospace markets.
Features Resistant to corrosion,strong acid,strong base,chemical reagents,and oiletc
Working temperature: up to 260°C Excellent Dielectric Insulation Properties Anti-sticking Ultra low frictionco efficient Shrink temperature:327°C

As supplied ID(mm) After recovered ID(mm) Wall thickness(mm)
0.86 0.38 0.23
0.97 0.46 0.23
1.17 0.56 0.23
1.27 0.64 0.25
1.4 0.80 0.25
1.5 1.0 0.25
1.6 1.1 0.3
1.9 1.2 0.3
2.3 1.5 0.3
3.0 1.8 0.3
3.8 2.2 0.3
4.8 2.8 0.3
6.1 3.6 0.38
7.6 4.4 0.38
9.4 5.5 0.38
10.9 6.9 0.38

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Smooth Extruded Ptfe Teflon Tube Wearable For Wire Insulation Sleeve – quality Ptfe Teflon Tubemanufacture by COX Plastic.

Smooth Extruded Ptfe Teflon Tube Wearable For Wire Insulation Sleeve – quality Ptfe Teflon Tube Product Details:

Place of Origin: China COX Plastic
Products Name: extruded tube Direct factory price ptfe tube
Certification: SGS,IOS9001,ISO14001
Item Number: Molded thin wall PTFE Tube
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
Product Price: Negotiation available
Packaging Details: Carton/Ply-Wooden Cases
Leading Time: normally 7~15 working days
Payment Terms: T/T L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 15 Tons/Month

Quality Detailed Product Description

Material: PTFE Color: White,colorful
Temperature: -180 – + 260 ℃ Filling: Graphite,carbon, Bronze,glass Fiber.
Methord: Molded, Extruded Density: 2.1-2.3 G/cm³
Specification: Outside Dia:1~1800mm Wall Thickness: 0.1~500mm

Smooth Extruded Ptfe Teflon Tube Wearable For Wire Insulation Sleeve
Quick detail
Pressed pipe:OD:1~25mm; Thickness:0.1~2.5mm; Length:produced under requirements
Extruded pipes:OD:25~200mm; Thickness:1.5~8mm; Length:produced under requirements
Molded pipe:OD:25~1200mm; Thickness:5~500mm;Length:100-300mm

Main properties

Properties Unit Result
Apparent density g/cm3 2.10-2.20
Tensile strength (min) MPa 20
Ultimate elongation (min) % 200
Residual Lubricant Content (max) % 0.5
Dialectric Strength (min) KV/mm 10
Tolerance -0.1~+0.1mm
Surface smooth,noimpurities,noblackspot
Color naturalwhite,red,yellow,black.
Packing inside is plastic paper,outside is fumigation wooden box;
Deliverytime usually10days,as can according to the fact quantity to deliver.
Paymentterms L/C,T/T
Use wire insulation sleeve; pipe line forcorrosivity fluid medium; andvarious electric
insulation parts
used under high frequency
Shipment FOB Qingdao/Shanghai,CFR,CIFetc
item unit index
Performancedensity g/cm3 2.10—2.30
Tensilestrength≥ MPa 18
Ultimate Elongation≥ % 230

1)PTFE TUBE Anti-corrosion in all kinds of chemicals including nitric acid & aqua fortis.
2)PTFE TUBE haracteristics: Low friction, Virtually no lubrication requirement, Light weight,Resistant to corrosion and abrasion, Impact resistance,Stable chemical properties, Oil resistance, High temperature resistance, Low temperature resistance, water resistance and so on.
3)PTFE TUBE working temperature:-55~+260°C.
4)PTFE TUBE Electric insulation;good dielectric in mediums.
5)PTFE TUBE filled ptfe tube products(plastic tube pipe) Made of high-speed mixing polytetrafluoroethylene resin and certain filling resin
6)PTFE TUBE Soft and formable,Outstanding chemical properties etc.
Specifications of PTFE tube:

Type (mm) ID (mm) OD
S Type
(mm) OD
T Type
(mm) OD
L Type
30 0.30±0.10 0.80±0.10 0.70±0.10 0.60±0.10 305
28 0.38±0.10 0.88±0.10 0.78±0.10 0.68±0.10 305
26 0.46±0.10 0.96±0.10 0.86±0.10 0.76±0.10 305
24 0.56±0.10 1.16±0.10 1.06±0.10 0.86±0.10 305
23 0.66±0.10 1.26±0.10 1.16±0.10 0.96±0.10 305
22 0.71±0.10 1.31±0.10 1.21±0.10 1.01±0.10 305
21 0.81±0.10 1.41±0.10 1.31±0.10 1.11±0.10 305
20 0.86±0.10 1.66±0.10 1.46±0.10 1.16±0.10 305
19 0.96±0.20 1.76±0.20 1.56±0.20 1.26±0.20 305
18 1.07±0.20 1.87±0.20 1.67±0.20 1.37±0.20 305
17 1.19±0.20 1.99±0.20 1.79±0.20 1.49±0.20 305
16 1.34±0.20 2.14±0.20 1.94±0.20 1.64±0.20 305
15 1.50±0.20 2.30±0.20 2.10±0.20 1.80±0.20 153
14 1.68±0.20 2.48±0.20 2.28±0.20 2.08±0.20 153
13 1.93±0.20 2.73±0.20 2.53±0.20 2.33±0.20 153
12 2.16±0.25 2.96±0.25 2.76±0.25 2.56±0.25 153
11 2.41±0.25 3.21±0.25 3.01±0.25 2.81±0.25 153
10 2.69±0.25 3.49±0.25 3.29±0.25 3.09±0.25 153
9 3.00±0.25 4.00±0.25 3.80±0.25 3.40±0.25 100
8 3.38±0.25 4.38±0.25 4.18±0.25 3.78±0.25 100
7 3.76±0.25 4.76±0.25 4.56±0.25 4.16±0.25 100
6 4.22±0.25 5.22±0.25 5.02±0.25 4.80±0.25 100
5 4.72±0.25 5.72±0.25 5.52±0.25 5.32±0.25 100
4 5.28±0.30 6.28±0.30 6.08±0.30 5.88±0.25 100
3 5.94±0.30 6.94±0.30 6.74±0.30 6.54±0.25 100
2 6.68±0.30 7.68±0.30 7.48±0.30 7.28±0.25 100
1 7.46±0.30 8.46±0.30 8.26±0.30 8.06±0.25 100
0 8.38±0.30 9.38±0.30 9.18±0.30 8.98±0.25 100

PTFE tubeadopt import high-quality PTFE resin (PTFE, commonly known as Teflon, plastics king), extrusion agglutination formation. The product hasthermostablly, inoxidizability, wear-resisting, self-lubrication merit.Teflon tube can be widely used in science & technology field, such as in chemistry, instruments, mechanical industries, astronautic industry, vehicles, transformers, communications, etc.

Glass Fiber: Increases compressive strength, rigidity and wear.Reduces creep and cold flowMinimal effect on chemical and electrical properties
Carbon: Increases compressive strength, hardness, wear, and load properties.Good chemical resistanceVarious types and amounts of carbon can be added to alter conductivity
Graphite: Reduces coefficient of frictionReduces initial wearIncreases strength
Molybdenum Disulfide: Increases hardness, stiffness, and wearMinimal effect on chemical and electrical properties
Bronze: Increases hardness and wear resistanceIncreases dimensional stability and compressive strengthNot suitable for corrosive or electrical applications
2.Factory advantage:
(1) Professional PTFE manufacture
(2) Member of China fluorine-silicone material industry association and committee member of the filler static sealing committee of Chinese liquid air sealing association
(3) Main products
PTFE sheet, rod,
tube, film, gasket, packing&PTFE components, also, we can meet your special demand
Tenet: Offering high quality products with competitive price, quick response, on time delivery and perfect after-sale service to our customers, pursue benefits for both sides.
(5) Standard: ISO9001

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coxplastic Tube-PTFE Tube   Data Sheet: PTFE Tube Enquiry PTFE Tube


PTFE Tube is made by plunger extrusion of suspension polymerized PTFE resistant exhibits attributes not found in other plastic materials and has the lowest coefficient of friction of any plastic, allowing for unrestricted flow without deposit build-up. It also has a working temperature of 500° F (260° C).
PTFE pipe has many applications throughout industry. The unique properties allow the tube to solve problems possible with no other material.
PTFE hose is used extensively in high pressure hose applications requiring a long flex and impulse life. On aircraft, it is used as a conduit for wiring systems and in semi-conductor applications, for the transporting of D.I. water and acids. These are just a few of its many uses.

PTFE Tube Benefits

PTFE is polytetrafluoroethylene and is available in many grades for a wide range of applications. Products are fabricated from PTFE resin using ram extrusion, molding (for granular resin), and paste extrusion and calendaring techniques (for fine-powder resin), dispersion coating (dispersion based resin).
Fluorotherm manufactures PTFE paste extruded tubing with the following features:
PTFE hose does not contain processing aids that intended as part of the final product.
External filling for PTFE pipe may consist of materials such as carbon, boron-nitride, bronze, glass etc., to provide specific performance features such as thermal or electrical conductivity, improved abrasion or cut through resistance.
Extremely high lubricity, thus low coefficient of friction compared to other materials.
PTFE Hose is non-stick and non-wetting (hydrophobic), low surface tension with water.
PTFE Pipe excellent dielectric and electrical insulation characteristics.
PTFE tubes exceptional chemical inertness.
PTFE tube low extractables.
PTFE tube is easily purged and cleaned.
PTFE tube made of PTFE fine powder resin is clear at wall thicknesses of less than 0.020” (0.5 mm) and translucent with reasonably good visibility at higher wall thicknesses.
The chemical inertness and UV resistant characteristics of PTFE leads to excellent weathering and aging properties even under aggressive conditions.
PTFE is adversely affected by ionizing (electron beam) irradiation; in fact irradiation is used to produce some useful products.

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