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PTFE Skived Sheet

PTFE Skived Sheet Goods Packing & Delivery Detail

Packaging Detail: wooden case for ptfe plate
Delivery Detail: in 10 days

PTFE Sheet Instructions

1. PTFE plate,PTFE plate, ptfe skived plate 100% pure

2.100% pure PTFE

3. low MOQ

4. good quality

* Characteristic of the ptfe plate

1.good tensile strength

2.high insulation

3.best corrosion-resistant

4.low friction

5.abrasion resistance

6.best competitive price

* Usage of ptfe plate:

It can be used to make corrosion- resistant liner, seal, lining and gasket, scrap, guide rail, dielectric material for different frequency, bridge bearing slide.

* ptfe Sheet specification :

Items tolerance/mm thickness/mm Length/mm
PTFE SHEET ±0.3~±0.5 3~100 300 × 300

Operation Temperature: -180 to +260°C

Month output: 40tons

Packing: plastic membraneinside , Wooden Box outside

* ptfe Sheettechdata:

Density: 2.1 to 2.3g/cm3

Tensile strength: ≥15.0Mpa

Tear elongation: ≥ 150%

Voltage: 10KV/mm

We supply as customer’s special request.

About us

COX Plastic is a manufacturer of various PTFE Semi and finish PTFE products(sheet, rod, PTFE ( ptfe ) extruded rods, molded plates, molded bars, molded tubes, skiving plates, skiving tapes, skiving film, extruding bars and tubes, gaskets,tube ),   bridge sliding blocks, braided packing and special types of components.PTFE and silicone  coated products(fabric, oven sheet, belt, PTFE Adhesive Tape, Silicone adhesive tape.)

スカイブシートスカイブシートスカイブシートフッ素樹脂 スカイビングスカイブ シートPTFE 장PTFE スカイブシートPTFE sheet s aplastike chutepenggunaan teflon lembaran

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