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PTFE Products

PTFE Sheet & PTFE Rod

COX Plastic can manufacture Skived PTFE Sheet, Molded PTFE Sheetand Filled PTFE Sheet in different thickness and sizes. Both semi-finished Sheet and finished Sheet products aslo available. Custom machine parts can be made by machine cutting of the PTFE Sheet.

As the professional ptfe rod manufacturer and exporter, there are there kinds of PTFE Rod we can supply: Extrusion PTFE Rod, Molded PTFE Rod, Filled PTFE Rod.

PTFE Coated Fabric & PTFE Oven Sheet

We use high-grade fiberglass fabric and coating pure PTFE on the fiberglass then making out all kinds of thickness PTFE Coated Fabric Cloth.

PTFE Oven Sheet chooses high quality fiberglass fabric, coated with pure PTFE and made by special process. It is a new complex product with high capability and several of usage. PTFE Oven Sheet Keep your Oven Clean With Ease.

Silicone Coated Fabric

Fiberglass fabric coated with silicone rubber is made with the basal material of high temperature resistant fiberglass fabrics and silicone rubber by follow-processing. Silicone Coated fabrics is a compound material with high quality of performance.

PTFE Belt & PTFE Conveyor Belt

    PTFE Belt– also named ptfe belt or ptfe coated belt. PTFE Belt is made of fine fiberglass with excellent capacity of high temperature and corrosion resistance.

    PTFE Fusing Belt-PTFE Fusing Belt made of fine fiberglass with excellent capacity of high temperature and corrosion resistance.

PTFE Adhesive Tape

    PTFE Film Tape-Skived PTFE Adhesive Tape are used in electrical applications where heat resistance and electrical insulation are important.

    PTFE Coated Fabric Adhesive Tape- PTFE Coated Fabric Adhesive Tape has good heat-resistance. Also has good features friction coefficient and non-adhesive.

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