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PTFE Oven Liner

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PTFE Oven Liner availability:

PTFE Oven Fabric chooses high quality fiberglass fabric, coated with pure PTFE and are by special process. PTFE Oven Liner is a new complex product with high capability and several of usage.
PTFE Oven Liner Keep your Oven Clean With Ease. This 100% non-stick Oven Liner catches all the drips so cleaning the bottom of the oven is a breeze. Place on bottom rack of your oven. No need to clean out your oven for one messy spill. Take the oven liner out just one wipe clean with soap and water and place back on bottom rack of your oven. The liner is clean so is the bottom of your oven!
coxplastic can offer the thickness from 0.08 up to 1mm, custom size also available.
PTFE Coated Fabric Mesh Oven Liner also available.

PTFE Oven Liner Features

1. Excellent non-sticky property. PTFE Oven Fabric is easy to wash away the blot or other dust such as resin, coating material, could be used time and again. PTFE Oven Liner easier to remove those resin,dopes,oil and other sticky things.
2. Proofing the oil flow to the bottom of oven when being roasted. The size could be cut bases the oven.
3. Large range of temperature resisting. PTFE Oven Liner is able to work stably between -60 degree to 260 degree.
4. PTFE Oven Fabric could be used safely in the dishwasher, innocuous, and could be contacted the food, with antisepsis function.

PTFE Oven Liner Application:

1. Used for food ovens:
Simply cut the PTFE Oven Liner to the requested size and shape of your oven.Can put the food on the PTFE Oven Liner directly. PTFE Oven Liner could be used time and again.
2. used as cushion of oven
Electronic oven
Put on the button or nethermost PTFE Oven Liner of the electronic oven;
Steam oven—put on the nethermost PTFE Oven Liner but not the button of the oven;
PTFE Oven Fabric could be used as table-board of making paste.
3.For fat free cooking:
Reduce the amount of the oil in cooking, take the roll of PTFE Oven Liner and the pan, cut a circle that will fit the base of the need for added oil and without compromising flavour. PTFE Oven Liner was mainly used in food industry for oven, and pan you wish to use, etc, the size can be cut according to the machine.

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