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PTFE Coated Fabrics

coxplastic Coated Fabric-PTFE Coated Fabric PTFE Coated Fabric

PTFE Coated Fabrics

PTFE Coated Fabric can used as oven sheets, covering fabric, conveyor belt which resisting viscidity; base on the different thickness, PTFE Coated Fabric can be used as conveyor belt, fusing belts, sealing belts of various kinds of drying machine.
PTFE Coated Cloth widely used in welding of plastics, solder cloth welding, heat enveloping patch of fusing belts and open mesh belts.
PTFE Coated Cloth can make the PTFE adhesive tapes, because it can bear high insulation of electric: insulating belt of electric, septa, cushion, and gasket. High frequency plank coated with copper.
PTFE Coated Fiberglass Cloth can easily cut to piece which used as micro wave gasket, oven gasket, oven mats, oven liner, food drying.
PTFE Coated Fabric can used as tablecloth which easily to washing.
PTFE Cloth can use as construction membranous material: sorts of ceiling of gymkhana, station ceiling, parasol, and sight ceiling are used the PTFE construction film which material is the PTFE Coated Fabric.
PTFE Coated Fabrics could be made into static resisting fabric.

PTFE Coated Fabric Size

Item No Color Thickness weight Tensile strength
COX-TCF08A brown 0.08mm 165g/m² 130/120N/cm
COX-TCF08B black 0.08mm 170 g/m² 130/120N/cm
COX-TCF13A brown 0.13mm 260 g/m² 220/190N/cm
COX-TCF13B black 0.13mm 275 g/m² 220/190N/cm
COX-TCF18A brown 0.18mm 395 g/m² 330/250N/cm
COX-TCF18B black 0.18mm 415 g/m² 330/250N/cm
COX-TCF25A brown 0.25mm 490 g/m² 410/330N/cm
COX-TCF25B black 0.25mm 510 g/m² 410/330N/cm
COX-TCF35A brown 0.35mm 660 g/m² 560/445N/cm
COX-TCF35B black 0.35mm 680 g/m² 560/445N/cm
COX-TCF40A brown 0.40mm 780 g/m² 820/500N/cm
COX-TCF40B black 0.40mm 820 g/m² 820/500N/cm
COX-TCF65A brown 0.65mm 1150 g/m² 1080/750N/cm
COX-TCF90A brown 0.90mm 1550 g/m² 1500/1250N/cm
COX-TCF90B black 0.90mm 1650 g/m² 1500/1250N/cm

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