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PTFE Adhesive Tape

Skived PTFE Sheet Adhesive Tape-PTFE Adhesive Tape   PTFE Adhesive Tape    Enquiry Skived PTFE Sheet Adhesive Tapes

Skived PTFE Adhesive Tape Detail

Skived PTFE Adhesive Tape have a wide range of operations and can be supplied to tape from 10mm-300mm wide, in rolls of 10M or 33M length.
PTFE Adhesive tapes can adhesive a yellow corrugated release liner which is used on our providing fast and easy removal.

Item No Thickness Max Width
COX08 0.08mm 1000mm
COX13 0.13mm 1000mm
COX18 0.18mm 1000mm
COX25 0.25mm 1000mm

PTFE Adhesive Tape Feature

PTFE adhesive tape has high elongation makes the tape useful in applications that require conformability. The combination of skived PTFE film and silicone adhesive offers an effective solution in high temperature and high dielectric applications.
Skived PTFE film tape provide exception ally smooth surface when applied and resist curling during unwind. PTFE film tape can surface chemical resistant of sealing and masking. It’s ideal for use as a tank liner and for the lining of molds.
Skived PTFE adhesive tape provides superior wear resistance, low friction and a non-stick surface.

PTFE Silicone Adhesive Tape Applications

Skived PTFE Tapes Skived materials can be used in many industrial applications due to its unique properties.
PTFE film adhesive tape can used on mechanical applications such as electrical insulation,cable wrapping, gaskets, tank and vessel lining.
PTFE film adhesive tape also used in many other applications which requiring low friction, high temperature resistance or non stick surface.

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