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PTFE gasket is made of suspension PTFE. Compared with other plastics, it has better corrosion-resistance and excellent heat-resistance. It is now widely used as sealing material.
PTFE used as a gasket material because of it’s capability to remain unaffected by the majority of chemicals used in industry. There are three basic types of PTFE gasket materials. Virgin PTFE gasket, filled PTFE gasket and expanded PTFE gasket. All of these PTFE sheet are excellent for use in sealing aggressive chemicals, and for many other industrial applications. COX Plastic is a manufactures in design, production of PTFE gasket and other PTFE seals Products. PTFE gasket stock can be supplied as sheets, cut gasket.
PTFE gasket are produced and fabricated with a PTFE protective covering; the advantages of this configuration include excellent resilience, outstanding mechanical strength, and superb bolt retention.

PTFE Gasket Application

PTFE gasket are usually used in extremely harsh chemicals. The wide range of temperature capabilities of PTFE gasket allow used for a variety of applications. PTFE gasket With advantages such as cost effectiveness on large flanges, ease of flange surface conform ability, chemical compatibility, versatility, and low stress to seal, our specialty seals are the logical choice for customers in many industries.

PTFE Gasket Detail

PTFE gasket are available in a range of thicknesses, with various filling materials;
PTFE gasket can be manufacture for a wide range of tube sizes. Industries served include the petrochemical and chemical sectors, for applications such as glass-coated steel flanges.
Virgin PTFE gasket is used in most general applications. Filling PTFE gasket is a gasket material with a virgin PTFE base to which a substance is filling during manufacture to improve the sealing characteristics of PTFE. Thisfillingusually is glass or graphite particles although ceramics has sometimes been used. The resulting gasket material is strong, yet highly compressible with very good, though not universal, chemical resistance.
Expanded PTFE gasket is virgin PTFE to which a stress resistance has been added by means of molecular rearrangement during manufacture. This process ensures that the molecular chains from which the PTFE is constructed, do not arrange themselves into set patterns. This means that expanded PTFE gasket possesses no structural weakness (grain) and expands and contracts equally in all directions. Because no additives are required, expanded PTFE gasket also possesses the unique chemical resistance of virgin PTFE gasket.

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