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Expanded Sheet PTFE

COX Expanded PTFE sheet
Thickness available: 0.5mm ~ 7 mm
Sheet size: 1500mm x1500mm

COX gasket sheet consists of virgin, expanded PTFE Sheet. Expanded PTFE plate shows very good material characteristics at high surface pressures and increasing temperatures. Even under extreme operating conditions there are very low changes in width and in height compared to other PTFE materials.

Your ultimate replacement material,
Expended COX PTFE sheet gasketing has all the advantages of PTFE in a form that resists creep and cold flow. Easy to cut and install, these sheet gaskets will last indefinitely. You can use them virtually everywhere.

COX Expanded Gaskets made of expanded ptfe sheets, high surface temperatures will be maintained even at high pressures.

PTFE Expended Plate is suited to applications such as joints in oxygen pipelines.

Expanded PTFE Plate Data Sheet

Material Virgin PTFE with expanded multidirectional fibrous texture.
Chemical Resistance pH 0 to 14. Resistant to all media with the exception of molten alkaline metals and elementary fluorine at T>150°C and p>40 bar.
Temperature Range -240°C to +270°C, +310°C for short time
Physiologically Harmless At continuous temperatures up to +260°C in accordance with German BG No.21, requirements according to FDA 21 are met.
Pressure Range The pressure range depends on installation and working parameters
Specific Material Characteristics Values according to DIN 28090 / DIN 28091-T3: KSW = 23% … WSW = 11% nominal density: 0.9~1.0g/cm3.

Typical Applications

Gasket Forms Cut and punched gaskets together with sheets for in-situ cutting.
Components Pipeline flanges, pump & stirring machine flanges etc …
Flange Materials FRP, enamel, glass, ceramic, graphite, aluminium, steel & rubber coated materials.

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