Lembaran PTFE

Skived PTFE Sheet Molded PTFE Sheet Compound PTFE Sheet

PTFE sheet are molded, skived which use 100% virgin ptfe material. PTFE sheet has the best chemical corrosion resistance in the know plastic.

PTFE plates are skived together between a pair of rollers, which emboss the pattern of the virgin PTFE sheet into one surface of the unsintered ptfe sheet. As indicated by the data sheets in the table, you will find the PTFE platesother properties.

Molded ptfe sheets are manufactured by molding method with ptfe granular resin. Skived sheetsthickness available from 0.5 up to 6mm, molded ptfe sheet can up to 100mm.

PTFE Sheets can be used in electrical insulation, the seal liner, antisticking materials, lubrication material. PTFE Board is preferred to use a single roll with a standard texture pattern.

Filled ptfe sheet is also available, the added material can be glass fiber, carbon, graphite, etc.

After skived, the embossed unsintered ptfe sheet may be cut into smaller sheets of various shape and size for packaging and distribution.

Berkembang Lembaran PTFE

Expanded Gasket PTFE Sheet is made of 100% expanded PTFE. by using special process that produces a uniform and highly fibrillated microstructure with a great lot of fibers running in multidirection. These create a soft and pliable, yet very tough gasket that has excellent resistance of pressing, creep relaxation and cold flow. It can seal the uneven and damaged flanges.
Expanded Gasket PTFE Sheet possesses universal resistance against common chemicals, except melted alkali metal, fluorine at liquid and gas states. It is free from asbestos and other lung-intruding materials. It meets the FDA requirements, doesn’t have any corrosion and is able to be stored without any time limits.

Placas de PTFE biseladovendita nastri sfogliati in ptfeスカイブ SKIVED

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