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10mm Teflon Sheet

10mm White Teflon Sheet Price COX Plastic only offer Virgin PTFE products. Dvivietis kompensacija jei jose yra perdirbtos medžiagos.

FOB kaina: JAV $ 1.5 – 6.1 / kilogramas

minimalus užsakymas Kiekis: 300 Kg / Kilogramai
tiekimo galimybė: 500 Ton/Tons per Month
uostas: Čingdao
Mokėjimo sąlygos: T / t,Vakarų sąjunga

10mm White Teflon Sheet Price Packing & pristatymas

pakavimo detalės: Pallets, wooden boxes or according to customer requirements
Pristatymas Detalė: Stock size 1-3 working days,custom size 6-10 working days

10mm White Teflon Sheet Price Short Details:

Kilmės vieta: Guangdong, Kinija (žemyninis) Markės pavadinimas: COG Modelio numeris: T-S2061
medžiaga: PTFE, storis: 0.3mm-80mm dydis: 1~2.0m
spalva: natural white Production process: High temperature and high pressure laminated Processing services: All kinds of machinery and equipment accessories

10mm White Teflon Sheet Price Specifications:
PTFE F4 Sheet
1.Hing lubricity, Inadhesion
2. Self lubrication, Wearability
3.Thermostable,Corrosion resistance
Technician Data

tempiamasis stipris ≥ 15 Mpa
Pailgėjimas iki nutrūkimo 150%


spalva baltas,juodas
storis 1.0mm-50mm
Spot goods size(width and length) 600mm×600mm,800mm×800mm,1000mm×1000mm, 1200mm×1200mm,1000mm×2000mm

Professional production & Processing services

1. According to customer demand,production and processing of various machinery and electrical electric equipment parts
2. Undertake the works of reaction tank,plating tank,purifying-tank,electrolyzer and the likeProduct Processing solutions
Sawing,drilling,milling,turning,routing,carving,die-cutting,shearing with different tools or machinesInfo

1. Nonflammable: limiting oxygen index below 90
2. Weather resistance: resistance to aging best plastic
3. High lubricity: the lowest friction coefficient in the solid material
4. Insulating property: does not receive the environment and the frequency influence,the volume resistance may amount to 1018 Ω•cm,the dielectric loss is small,the breakdown voltage is high
5. Self lubrication: has in the plastic the smallest friction coefficient, is the ideal oil-free lubrication material
6. Non-toxicity: a physiologically inert , longterm implanted as artificial blood vessels and organs no adverse reactions
7.Corrosion resistance: for most chemicals and solvents, showing an inert, resistant to strong acid and alkali, water and organic solvent
8. Wearability: Under the high load, has the fine wear-resisting performance. Under certain load, has wear resistant and the nonstick dual merits
9. Low temperature resistance: has good mechanical toughness , even if the temperature drops to -196°C , but also to maintain the elongation rate of 5%
10. Thermostable: a short period of time can be high temperature to 300°C,usually between 240°C~260°C continuous use,has a remarkable thermal stability,it can work in freezing temperatures without embrittlement does not melt at high temperatures
11. Inadhesion: is in the solid state material the surface tension is smallest, nonstick any material
PTFE is widely used in the sealing / washer, wear plate, electrical insulating parts, machinery parts and components lining layer, oil & gas, petrochemical industry, chemijos pramonė, equipment and other fieldsPhotos

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