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Skived PTFE Sheet PTFE Rod

PTFE 판 데이터 시트


원산지: 중국 산 동성 상표명: COX 플라스틱 모델 번호: PTFE 시트
자료: PTFE 두께: 3mm – 100mm 크기: 10-1200
width: 100*100, 200*200,200*300
Product name: PTFE sheet,PTFE sheet, PTFE skived sheet tolerance: ±0.3 ~ ±0.5

PTFE Sheet Stock Sizes

FOB 가격: 우리 $5.58 – 8.65 / 킬로그램
포트: shanghai
최소 주문 수량: 500 Kilogram/Kilograms ptfe sheet,PTFE sheet sample available
공급 능력: 82 Ton/Tons per Month
지불 조건: L / C,D/A,D/P,T / T,웨스턴 유니언,돈 그램

PTFE 판 팩,배달

포장 세부 사항: wooden case for ptfe sheet
납품 세부 사항: in 10 일

PTFE 시트 사양

1. PTFE sheet,PTFE sheet, PTFE skived sheet 100% pure
2.100% pure PTFE
3. low MOQ
4. good quality* Characteristic of the ptfe sheet 1.good tensile strength2.high insulation3.best corrosion-resistant4.low friction5.abrasion resistance6.best competitive price * Usage of ptfe sheet: It can be used to make corrosion- resistant liner, seal, lining and gasket, scrap, guide rail, dielectric material for different frequency, bridge bearing slide. * ptfe Sheet specification :

Items tolerance/mm thickness/mm Length/mm
PTFE SHEET ±0.3~±0.5 3~100 300 × 300

Operation Temperature: -180 to +260°C Month output: 40tonsPacking: plastic membrane inside , Wooden Box outside * ptfe Sheet tech data : Density: 2.1 to 2.3g/cm3Tensile strength: ≥15.0Mpa Tear elongation: 150% Voltage: 10KV/mm We supply as customer’s special request. COX Plastic is a manufacturer of various PTFE products, as well as the member of China Fluoroplastics Processing Professional Committee.

COX Plastic can produce PTFE ( PTFE ) extruded rods, molded sheets, molded bars, molded tubes, skiving sheets, skiving tapes, skiving film, extruding bars and tubes, gaskets, bridge sliding blocks, braided packing and special types of components. * equipment for ptfe sheet Key words: polymer/ptfe extruded rods / PTFE extruded rods / ptfe molded sheets / PTFE molded sheets / PTFE 시트 / PTFE sheet / ptfe rod / PTFE rod / PTFE sheet / PTFE rod / polytetrafluoroethylenesheet / polytetrafluoroethylene rod / PTFE ptfe sheet / skived ptfe sheet / ptfe PTFE board / ptfe stick / PTFE 막대 / ptfe board / ptfe plate / ptfe molding sheet / virgin ptfe bar / PTFE bar / ptfe molded bars / molded tubes / skiving sheets / skiving tapes / skiving film / extruding bars and tubes / gaskets / ptfe bridge sliding blocks / ptfe braided packing / ptfe special types of components
Polymer / plastic sheet

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