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PTFE Sheet Bar

PTFE Plate Quick Details

PTFE 시트 PTFE PlatePTFE Sheets

Origin: China-COX Plastic 상표명: 콕스 모델 번호: 시트 PTFE
자료: PTFE,100% pure virgin PTFE
두께: the thinest thickness is 0.1MM 크기: 3-1500MM 색깔: 화이트
Temperature: -180–+260

PTFE Sheets Info

FOB 가격: $10~15/kg
포트: 청도시
최소 주문 수량: 50 킬로그램 / 킬로그램
공급 능력: 20 Ton/Tons per Month
지불 조건: L / C,T / T,웨스턴 유니언

PTFE Sheets Pack & 배달

Packaging Detail: plastic film+ wooden cast
납품 세부 사항: Withing 15working days.

PTFE Plate Specifications

plate is made by PTFE resin through pressing, sintering, rotary-cutting.
Properties of PTFE sheet: PTFE sheet has the properties of good temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high insulation, high lubrication, non-sticky, non-toxic etc. PTFE sheet have following habit: 1.good tensile strength 2.high insulation 3.best corrosion-resistant, plastic sheet/engineering plastics/factory direct: PTFE Plate has two kinds of form: PTFE molded Plate and PTFE skived plate. PTFE molded plate is made by PTFE resin at room temperature through molding, sintering, cooling processes.
COX Plastic offer both sodium ammonia and sodium naphthalene chemical modification. PTFE skived
Main Technical Parameters:

등록 unit 결과
겉보기 밀도 ≥ g/cm 3 2.10~ 2.30
인장 강도(나를) ≥ MPa 15.0
균열 신장(나를) ≥ % 150
내전압(나를) ≥ Kv/mm 10

Application:PTFE sheet can resist all kind of corrosive material, so it usually worked as reaction kettle, storage tank, valve, container liner, anti-corrosion pipe lining, anti-corrosion rollers coating material in corrosive medium.
PTFE sheet also can be used as anti-attrition material, anti-adhesion material and insulation material.

ورق تفلون 3follabarテフロンバーテフロン バーเทปล่อนแผ่นچگالی ورق تفلونابعاد ورق (sheat) و میله (bar)Ptfe toneladasPTFE BARRA es테프론시트 독성

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