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PTFE Rod Detail

PTFE rod PTFE rods can be furnished with one or more etched surfaces to ensure excellent bond ability. We also provide rods and cylinders bonded to a board to facilitate your machining.
PTFE Bars are a family of products that can be used for unique applications requiring a chemically clean, inert, thermally stable, porous bead or thread. These products have found uses as seals, in gas-liquid isolation, venting applications, or for allowing pressure equalization without mass transfer.
PTFE Bar have low coefficient of friction, it is very easy running and smooth bearing operation. PTFE Rods is also very useful as seals within valves due to high temperature and acid resistant seal. PTFE Rods also use within the chemical industry because of the anti-acids and anti-chemicals as.
PTFE rod popular used as components requiring and component which needing high temperature resistance. PTFE Bar is also important within the cryogenic industry as the reason of PTFE로드 can used in low temperature performance.

성형 PTFE 바

Molded PTFE Bars are available in a wide variety of virgin and modified resins as well as PTFE compounds.
Molded PTFE로드 has outstanding chemical resistance, low friction, and is often used in high temperature applications.

Extrusion PTFE로드

PTFE rod in sizes from diameter 5mm diameter up to 120mm, length from 500mm up to 3000mm can be produce by Extrusion.

Filled PTFE Rods

Filled PTFE Rods in sizes from diameter 2mm diameter up to 300mm.

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