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PTFE Sheet Details

PTFE 시트 PTFE PlatePTFE Sheets

원산지: 중국 산 동성 상표명: COX 모델 번호: SHEET
size&thickness: customized density: 2.1~2.3g/CBM tensile strength: 14MPa
ultimate elongation: 150% temperature adaptability: -180-350 degrees celsius hardness: 51-60 shore D
dielectric strength: 10-12 kv/mm

PTFE Sheets Info

FOB 가격:
최소 주문 수량: 200 Kilogram/Kilograms
공급 능력: 20 Ton/Tons per Quarter
지불 조건: T / T,웨스턴 유니언,Paypal

PTFE Sheet Pack & 배달

포장 세부 사항: in wooden case,carton or customized
납품 세부 사항: 10~15 working days

PTFE Plate Specifications

1.ptfe ptfe sheet,CE,SGS,RoHS certifications
2.high temperature,corrosion
3.high abrasion,voltage resistance
Details Size& thickness customized
density 2.3 g tensile strength 14 MPa
ultimate elongation 150%
operating temperature range -180-265 degrees celsius
hardness 51~60 shore Ddi
electric strength 10~12 kv/mm
PTFE ptfe sheet is a kind of plastic material,it has a lot of merits as high environment adaptability and excellent electric properties By those advantages,PTFE enjoys an increasing popularization in several industries.

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