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Virgin raschiato Ptfe foglio 0,5 millimetri

Virgin Skived Teflon Ptfe Sheet 0.5mm Thickness Sold In Roll With Pe Spool COX Plastic only offer Virgin PTFE products. Doppio un'indennità se contenenti materiale riciclato.

FOB: NOI $ 10 – 15 / Pezzo
Min.Order Quantità: 10 Parte / parti
Capacità di fornitura: 1 Ton/Tons per day
Porta: Ningbo/Shanghai/Qingdao
Termini di pagamento: L / C,T / T,Western Union

Virgin Skived Teflon Ptfe Sheet 0.5mm Thickness Sold In Roll With Pe Spool Packing & Consegna

dettagli sul confezionamento: Carton or Wooden case for Pure PTFE Sheet
Particolare di consegna: As required

Virgin Skived Teflon Ptfe Sheet 0.5mm Thickness Sold In Roll With Pe Spool Short Details:

Luogo d'origine: Zhejiang, Cina (Terraferma) Marchio: COX Numero di modello: BKP102
Materiale: PTFE Spessore: 0.1-120MM Dimensione: Max width 250mm
larghezza: 20-1500mm colore: bianca densità: 2.1-2.3g / cm3
filler: grafite, carbonio,bronzo lunghezza: Unlimited package: carton or wooden case
application temperature: -180°C~+250°C production: Pure PTFE Sheets Breaking Strength: ≥15.0Mpa

Virgin Skived Teflon Ptfe Sheet 0.5mm Thickness Sold In Roll With Pe Spool Specifications:
Pure PTFE sheets are molded, skived or cut from 100% PTFE vergine. It has the best chemical corrosion resistance among known plastics,electrical insulation, lowest friction coefficient. It is used as sealing material,electrical insulating part,lining pad etc.Pure PTFE Sheets Range including Skived PTFE Sheet, foglio di PTFE Modellato

Foglio raschiato PTFE

Virgin PTFE resin is firstly molded into a blank rod, and then skived into sheet. PTFE sheets with thickness of 3mm
orless are manufactured in this way.
Generally Size:Denso: 0.5~3mm; Larghezza: 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm; Lunghezza: ≥200mm.

Foglio PTFE modellata
PTFE sheets with thickness over 3mm are normally manufactured by molding method
Denso:1–30mm; Larghezza: 150mm–2000mm; Lunghezza: 150mm–2000mm .
Improved Foglio PTFE are called Modified PTFE Sheets (Modified Teflon Sheets) is avaiable too,
Modified PTFE sheets improved performance over conventional PTFE, Reduced product loss and emissions.
Excellent bolt torque retention,unique manufacturing process minimizes cold flow problems typical of skived
and expanded PTFE Sheets.

Pure PTFE sheet advantages:
Reduced creep relaxation;
resistenza chimica; Cost saving and Tighter seal.

Pure PTFE Sheet application:
Made for sealing gaskets
Electrical insulation parts, lining and oil less lubricating materials etc.
Withstands a wide range of chemicals for extended service life in a wide variety of applications.Pure PTFE sheet Stock Dimention:

Dimensione(mm) Spessore(mm) Tolleranza
150X150 1.0~30 ± 0.30 ~ 0.50 ±
250X250 1.0~30 ± 0.30 ~ 0.50 ±
300X300 1.0~30 ± 0.30 ~ 0.50 ±
450X450 1.0~30 ± 0.30 ~ 0.50 ±
600X600 1.0~30 ± 0.30 ~ 0.50 ±
800X800 1.0~30 ± 0.30 ~ 0.50 ±
1000X1000 1.0~30 ± 0.30 ~ 0.50 ±
1200X1200 1.0~30 ± 0.30 ~ 0.50 ±
1500X1500 1.0~35 ±0.30~±0.60
2000X2000 1.0~5.0 ±0.20~±0.30
2500X2500 1.0~5.0 ±0.20~±0.30

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