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Luogo d'origine: Cina (Terraferma) Marchio: COX Materiale: PTFE
Spessore: 0.5~100 Dimensione: OEM Temperatura: -180-260ƒ
Melting temperature: 325C ???? Densità: 2.3g / cm3

Fogli in PTFE Info

FOB: $9.5~ 12 kg /
Porta: Qingdao
Quantità di ordine minimo: 1.5 Ton/Tons
Capacità di fornitura: 200 Ton / tonnellate al mese
Termini di pagamento: L / C,T / T,Western Union

Foglio pacchetto PTFE & Consegna

Packaging: Normal goods packing,according to customer’s request
Particolare di consegna: 7-15 giorni,according to customer’s request

PTFE piastra Specifiche

PTFE sheet is manufactured by molding with PTFE granular resin.
PTFE is the most chemical resistance plastics.
PTFE (PTFE) Sheets Features
Using temperature range (from Celsius 200 gradi a + 260 gradi). Basically for all chemicals with corrosion resistance in addition to some fluoride and alkaline liquid metal.Excellent mechanical properties including aging resistance especially for bending and the application of the swing.Excellent flame retardation (conform to the ASTMD635 and D470 testing procedures, in the air was gauge for flame retardant materials.
Excellent insulation properties (regardless of its frequency and temperature how) is bibulous rate is extremely low, and has self lubricity and viscous and a series of unique performance. Application Seal/washer, ring material, wear-resistant plate/seat electric, insulation parts, corrosion resistance industry, machinery spare parts, rivestimento, oil and natural gas, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, instrument equipment manufacturers, eccetera.

Articolo Unità Standard
Densità g / cm3 2.1-2.3
Flexural strength Mpa 11-14
Resistenza alla trazione MPa 21-28
Coefficient of friction / 0.04
Water absorption % <19
Dielectric strength KV / mm 10
Temperatura ° C -1800-260
Melting temperature ° C 325

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