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Molded PTFE Plate

PTFE Sheet Quick Details

PTFE Sheets – Datenblatt: PTFE PlatePTFE Sheets

Origin: China-COX Plastic Markenname: COX Modell-Nr: Blatt PTFE
Material: PTFE Dicke: 2mm-100mm Größe: 250*250-1800*1800
Farbe: Weiß,black,red and so on

PTFE Sheet Info

FOB Preis: UNS $5.8514 / Kilogramm
Hafen: Shanghai,nibo
Mindestbestellmenge: 100 Kg / Kilogramm
Lieferkapazität: 35 Tonne / Tonnen pro Monat
Zahlungsbedingungen: L/C,D/A,D/P,T / T

PTFE Sheets Pack & Lieferung

Verpackung Detail: pallet,container,
Anlieferungs-Detail: 7-30 Tage

PTFE-Platte Spezifikationen

Molded PTFE ptfe sheet 1.good electrical properties 2. Größe:1m*2m..as your order 3.Min order: 100KG molded PTFE PTFE sheet :

1.Anwendung: It can be used within-180°C to +260°C under the condition for no load,the ptfe sheet is a adequate for bearing strip, sealing member and lubricant working in all sort noncorrosive medium,it can be used to make electric insulation parts of all sort of frequency,supporting slide piece(building and bridge support).

2.Technical data:

Item Dichte Tensile strength Tear elongation
Einheit g / cm3 mpa %
Value 2.10-2.30 ≥15.0 ≥150

3.Specifications: Ptfe molded sheet: Dicke:2-100mm Length*Width:250*250mm~1800*1800mm,2000*1000, as you order. Choose us as the following reason: Certification Capacity:

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