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Quality PTFE Sheets

PTFE ark Detaljer

PTFE ark PTFE PlatePTFE Sheets

Oprindelsessted: Shanghai China (Fastland) Mærke navn: COX Plastic Materiale: PTFE,100% pure virgin PTFE
Tykkelse: the thinest thickness is 0.1MM Størrelse: 3mm—-1500MM Farve: perfect white
Temperatur: -180–+260

PTFE Ark Info

FOB Price: $9.5~15/kg
Havn: Shanghai, Qingdao
Minimum antal: 50 Kilogram / Kg
Supply Evne: 20 Ton / tons pr måned
Betalingsbetingelser: L / C,T / T,vestlige Union

PTFE ark Pack & Levering

Emballage Detail: As the contract
Levering Detail: As the contract

PTFE Plate Specifikationer

100% pure high quality PTFE sheet:
1.good tensile strength
2.high insulation
3.best corrosion-resistant
4.lav friktion
100% pure high quality PTFE sheet: PTFE Plate has two kinds of form: PTFE molded Plate and PTFE skived plate.
PTFE molded plate is made by PTFE resin at room temperature through molding, sintering, cooling processes. PTFE skived plate is made by PTFE resin through pressing, sintering, rotary-cutting.
Properties of PTFE sheet: PTFE sheet has the properties of good temperature resistance, korrosionsbestandighed, high insulation, high lubrication, non-sticky, non-toxic etc. Main Technical Parameters:

Ejendomme enhed Resultat
tilsyneladende densitet ≥ g/cm 3 2.10~ 2,30
trækstyrke(mig) ≥ MPa 15.0
Crack elongation(mig) ≥ % 150
Dielectric strength(mig) ≥ Kv/mm 10

Anvendelse: PTFE sheet can resist all kind of corrosive material, so it usually worked as reaction kettle, storage tank, valve, container liner, anti-corrosion pipe lining, anti-corrosion rollers coating material in corrosive medium. PTFE sheet also can be used as anti-attrition material, anti-adhesion material and insulation material.

0 1tテフロン板ہائیڈرالک نلی فیکٹریテフロンの0 5mm生地のチューブ食品の包装に使うplastik keras anti gesekantabung oksigen 6 90kgteflon กันความร้อน แผ่นمشخصات دمایی تفلون هاคูณสมบัติ glass-filled ptfeテフロンシート 3 0*100*1000

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