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Skived PTFE Sheet

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PTFE Fiche

PTFE Fiche is one of the best materials to use in environments where high electrical insulation is required and PTFE Sheets materials will outperform most other plastics.
PTFE Fiche availably in Skived PTFE PLATE, molded PTFE Ficheand filled PTFE board. PTFE material is a very good engineering plastic that has some fantastic properties which can provides some unique advantages over other materials in a combination that is exclusive to this material.

Skived PTFE Plaat

Skived PTFE Sheets available from 0.5mm to 6mm thick, and in widths to 2000mm. Standard widths include 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm,1800mm,2000mm. COX Plastic can supply cut to size PTFE sheet and also supply full PTFE sheet.
Skived PTFE sheet are available in rolls or cut to your desired size. COX Plastic also offer material slit to your desired width in order to help you reduce scrap and waste. This affords you the greatest economy and minimum scrap loss. We can also laminate or die cut all of our skived sheet and film products.

Skived PTFE Sheet Feature

Skived PTFE Plate contains no fillers and has almost universal chemical resistance. PTFE Plate has excellent insulating capabilities and high dielectric properties. It has excellent low friction, non-stick, release properties and can bear high temperature stability allows for continuous use at extremely high temperatures.

PTFE Plate has a fantastically low co-efficient of friction and has been described as the most slippery solid material known to man and has friction values which are simular to that of ice, making PTFE Fiche perfect for low friction applications.
Skived PTFE sheets available in a wide variety of virgin and modified resins as well as PTFE compounds.

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