COX Plastika

COX Plastic is one of the professional manufacturers of quality food and machine Grade engineering products. COX Plastic separated from the parent company in the domestic market, established based on the vast demands of plastic from several international organizations since 2008, has become one of the most important exporters of PTFE Rods, PTFE listovi, PTFE Gaskets, PTFE Tubing, PTFE Hose and PTFE Parts by Skived PTFE, Molded PTFE, Filled PTFE, CNC PTFE in China and enjoys a good reputation in the abroad market.

COX has been found and conformed according to ISO 9001, Rosh6, FDA, MSDS and SGS. Best selling products as following.

PTFE list

Skived PTFE Sheet, Molded PTFE Plate, Filled PTFE Sheets and Expanded PTFE list common type PTFE plates, Urezan PTFE list. Use Skived and Molded sheets can be made in any thickness from 0.1mm up to 100mm. Skived ptfe sheet thickness from 0.1mm to 10mm. Molded ptfe sheet from 3mm to 100mm. Filled ptfe sheet ( Filled Graphite, Filled Fiber Glass, Filled Bronze, Filled Carbon ). thickness from 1mm to 100mm. Skived and Molded PTFE sheet is ideal as a slide surface, is ideal for cutting into blanks for machining into smaller parts.



Extruded PTFE Rod, Molded PTFE Rods, Filled PTFE Bar is common type for ptfe bars. By Extruded and Molded Rods is available in both virgin grades and reprocessed (mechanical) for less demanding applications. Extrudes and Molded PTFE rod in all standard sizes from 3mm to 300mm in diameter. Various fillers are available to modify the properties of PTFE to meet application requirements. COX Plastic stocks kinds PTFE Štapovi size and quantity rods so that same day shipment of most standard sizes is available.


PTFE Tube by Extruded, Molded and Filled. Extruded ptfe tubing OD from 1mm to 300mm. Molded ptfe tubing from 30mm to 600mm. Filled ptfe tubing ( Filled graphite, Filled Fiber glass, Filled Bronze, Filled Carbon ), Size OD from 30mm to 600mm.

PTFE brtve

PTFE Gasket by Cut and Molding. Cut ptfe gasket size OD. from 10mm to 2500mm. Molding ptfe gasket size OD from 10mm to 1200mm. Filled ptfe gasket ( Filled graphite, Filled fiber glass, Filled bronze, Filled carbon and Filled steel ), Size OD from 10mm to 2500mm ).

COX Plastics is the manufacturers have factories across the nation for fast delivery of non-stock for OEM shapes.

COX Plastic is a term given to a group of Engineering plastics that offer performance advantages and benefits to industry or individuals in some form of engineering application. As a professional manufacturer and supplier, we service Wholesale and Retail of widely range of PTFE, PVDF, PFA, PCTFE, FEP, PEEK, HDPE, POM, Polyurethane, Nylon Plastic and more. COX Plastic have been devoting itself to offering qualified engineering products, reliable service with competitive price and professional stafs to meet the demands of the clients.

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