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3-100mm Virgin Ptfe Sheet

3-100mm 100% Pure Virgin Ptfe Sheet / Teflon Sheet COX Plastic only offer Virgin PTFE products. Double indemnity if containing recycled material.

FOB Цена: САД $ 6 – 10 / килограм

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Ton/Tons
Набавка Способност: 1000 Ton/Tons per Month
Порт: Ningbo
Услови на плаќање: L / C,T / T,Western Union,MoneyGram

3-100mm 100% Pure Virgin Ptfe Sheet / Teflon Sheet Packing & испорака

Packaging Details: Normal packing or according to customer requirement.
испорака Детална: во рамките на 20 days after order confirmation.

3-100mm 100% Pure Virgin Ptfe Sheet / Teflon Sheet Short Details:

Место на потекло: Zhejiang, China (копното) Име на бренд: COX Број на модел: M-PTFE
материјал: Тефлонски, 100% virgin material PTFE дебелина: 1mm-200mm, 0.5mm -40 mm PTFE sheetss Size: 1000mmx2000mm,1220mmx2440mm, Max width: 2000mm
color: white Temperature: -180 до 260 привидна густина: 2.10-2.30g/ cm3
Сила на истегнување: 22-28 Mpa Ultimate Elongation: 250-300 % Dielectric Strength: 40 KV / mm
Tempature Resist: -180-+260oC

3-100mm 100% Pure Virgin Ptfe Sheet / Teflon Sheet Specifications:
3-100mm 100% pure virgin тефлонски лист / тефлонски лист
1.degreasing agents.
2.Excellent chemical resistance. 3-100mm 100% pure virgin тефлонски лист / тефлонски лист Teflon sheet (TEFLON® PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene)Тефлонски (тефлонски лист) is the mostly consumed category of florin plastics, Which has the lowest coefficient of friction in all the engineering plastics, Whose long-term working temperature can reach 200 до 260. It has the excellent chemical corrosion-resistance,which is able to endureAll kind of chemistry material. And it has rather good electricity-resistance, which is not affected by the temperature and is called Kind of plastics.PTFE plastic has excellent corrosion-resistance, aging-resistance, high(low) temperature resistance, good lubrication and insulation, non-adhesiveness, toxicological harmless. It is widely used in industries like aviation, chemical industry, electric and electronics, bridge, mechanical manufacturing, textile, paper making, ceramics etc.Application:1Aviation industries: Medium lead equipments in hydraulic pressure system and the high middle low pressure piping in the cold pressure system of airplane, capacitor and so on.2 Construction and building industries: bridge, tunnel, steel structure house-support, large-scale chemical pipeline, supporting block of store trough, the supporting pedestal of bridge and the bridge-span circumvolving system and so on.3Chemical machine equipment industries: widely applied in the bearing of paper-making machine and agricultural machine, as the piston ring, machine tool oriented rail and oriented ring.4Electronic and electrical industries: can make insulated wire, capacitor, radio insulated gasket, insulated cable, and the parts of transformer, oxygen sensor, microphone, loudhailer and robot.5 medical treatment field: PTFE is the totally inert material, which has very strong biology applicability, has not any circadian side-effect to the body. So it can be applied in surgical operation suture for the body parenchyma regeneration.

♦ тефлон & Тефлонски Род

Extruded PTFE Rods, Формовани тефлонски прачки, Исполнет тефлонски прачки. PTFE Rod is available in both virgin grades and reprocessed for less demanding applications. Surf Technologies PTFE rods in all standard sizes from 2mm diameter up to 400mm in diameter. Rod is inventoried in twelve foot lengths so it can be cut into 200mm up to 2000mm lengths. The rods is generally used as machining stock for all kinds of chemical, electrical and mechanical components where the outstanding performance characteristics of Rods are required. Various fillers are available to modify the properties of PTFE ( тефлон ) to meet application requirements. Fluoro-Plastics stocks huge inventories so that same day shipment of most standard sizes is available.

♦ тефлон & тефлонски лист

Skived тефлонски плочи, Molded PTFE Sheets, Исполнет тефлонски плочи. the PTFE Sheet can be made in any thickness from 0.2mm up to 100mm. PTFE Sheets technology makes it. possible to make in-between sizes. the Teflon Sheets is ideal as a slide surface, for chute liners, other kinds of liners, or for cutting or stamping into gaskets (asbestos substitute) and diaphragms, including complex stamped gasket configurations. It comes in sheets from 300mm square to rolls 1500mm wide. Standard sizes are 1200mm square, 1000mm square, Unless otherwise specified, the edges are not trimmed and all plate is oversized so that blanks can be cut without significant kerf waste. All material is white. Sheet is ideal for cutting into bIanks for machining into smaller parts.

♦ тефлон & Тефлонски црева

Extruded PTFE Tubing, Molded PTFE Tubing, Filled PTFE Tubing. PTFE Tubing is a leader in the manufacture of heavy walled tube, both in standard sizes. the PTFE tube is used in fluid handling applications for high temperature acids and caustics or where contamination is an issue, such as in wire braided hose. In applications where PTFE ‘s excellent insulating properties are needed heavy walled tube is the shape of choice, e.g. in spark plugs for stationary generators, coaxial spacers, connectors. Because drilling a precise hole in longer PTFE ( тефлон ) lengths is impossible, extruded tube is the best way to insure uniform wall thickness throughout the length of the tube. Various fillers are available to modify the properties of PTFE ( тефлон ) to meet application requirements.

Properties Method единица Typical Values (from-to)
Specific gravity ASTM D792 2,14 – 2,20
Јачина на истегнување ASTM D1457 N/mm2 20 – 35
Elongation at break ASTM D1457 % 210 – 400
Compressive strength 1% deformation ASTM D695 N/mm2 4,00 – 4,50
Deformation under load 14 N/mm2 for 24hrs ASTM D621(1) % 10 – 15
Flexural strength 0,7 N/mm2 ASTM D790 N/mm2 no break
Impact strength (Izod) 57°C ASTM D256 J/cm 1,10
Impact strength (Izod) 23°C ASTM D256 J/cm 1,60
Impact strength (Izod) 77°C ASTM D256 J/cm 3,30
Hardness ASTM D2240 (shoreD) 50 – 60
Friction coefficientstatic ASTM D3028 (2) 0,09
Friction coefficientdynamic ASTM D3028 (2) 0,05
Тефлонски – steel oil lubricated 0,02 – 0,06
Working temperature range °C -200 – +260
Increase in volume from room temperature to molten state (340°C) % 27 – 28
Coefficient of thermal expansion from 25 to 100°C ASTM E831 °C-1 16 x 1-5
Thermal conductivity ASTM D2214 W/mK 0,20
Specific heat 0°C KJ/kg.K 0,96
Specific heat 50°C KJ/kg.K 1,05
Temperature of distortion 0,46 N/mm2 ASTM D648 °C 130 – 140
Temperature of distortion 1,85 N/mm2 ASTM D648 °C 50 – 60
Dielectric strength (short-time air thickness 0,5 mm) ASTM D149 kV/mm 55
Dielectric constant ASTM D150 2,10
Dissipation factor ASTM D150 <0,0002
Volume resistivity ASTM D257 Ohm/cm 10-17
Surface resistivity ASTM D257 Ohm 10-15
Arc-resistance ASTM D495 sec OK (4)
Water absorption ASTM D570 % <0,01
Flammability ATB ASTM D635 sec <5,00
Flammability AEB ASTM D635 mm <5,00

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